Oct 19, 2023Liked by River Kenna

Yes, JoshAFairhead, a view from 30,000ft, helps me to notice more highways and byways, tunnels and caverns that Imaginal reaches.

And River Kenna, your tellings about Imaginal above also give me some very precise touchstones.... like "is what I am experiencing broadcasting like a stone, or speaking throught my body like a flower (that is wilting.... or just coming into bud.... or shining out to everyone Here-I-Am!)?"....

And waking up my curiosity to wonder where I go, what system in me do I check with, to feel and discriminate between my True Self, or My Inner Self, My Higher Self, My Younger Self, My Best Self ? I can Imaginal-ask, truly HOW does my consciousness sense the intricate differences ?

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Oct 18, 2023Liked by River Kenna

Thanks River, this is a great 30,000ft overview which I tend to appreciate as starting points!

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