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“Explaining a joke is like dissecting a frog. It’s not very interesting, and the frog dies in the process.”

The point of "Dissecting and making explicit" is a major reason for me that I see many deconstructive meditation techniques critical. Instead of learning to dance with our imaginative/narrative intuition, some forms of mindfulness want to bring the pixels of our into the explicit control. Transforming us more into a machine than something living. We are embodied myths not clocks to repair.

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"You have to get down in the mud of the psyche" - echoes a lot with my recent thinking: instead of trying to transcend all this, I need to burrow deeper.

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Hey cool, thanks for this. Loving this 'beyond' twitter manifestation. Could not agree more, although why perpetuate the 'inner images' type framework? And in particular, the phrase: 'flaccidly transmogrifying them into jargon phonemes you learned in freshman psych' is just choice! Go Well, Allan Frater

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